RSV and Pneumonia - Know When to Go to the ER

RSV and Pneumonia - Know When to Go to the ER

Dec 23, 2022

RSV is a common virus in both children and adults. It infects the lungs and respiratory system, resulting in flu-like symptoms. Many patients can make a complete recovery within a couple of weeks, but RSV can be challenging for other patients to overcome.

Patients with the most risk of heightened RSV infection include babies born before their due date. But all children are at risk, especially children with pre-existing respiratory conditions or congenital disabilities of the heart or lungs. RSV in adults is a condition worth monitoring, but RSV treatment in infants is far more common.

Most patients requiring pneumonia or RSV treatment in Houston encounter flu-like symptoms within a week after exposure. These symptoms include nasal discharge, a loss of appetite, and typical flu-like symptoms such as sluggishness and difficulty breathing accompanied by uncontrollable sneezing and coughing.

You should seek emergency care at Ascent Emergency Room, your local 24-hour emergency room in Houston, TX if you are your child has the following:

  1. An uncontrollable fever
  2. low oxygen, accompanied by a bluish tint to the fingernails or mouth
  3. Problems drawing a breath
  4. Infants with fevers of 100.3 or higher

It’s vital to control RSV through proper hygiene. Maintaining the same standards you would use to prevent the spread of the flu in your house is a great first step. Be sure to sanitize surfaces, cover your mouth, don’t let the infected person wander throughout the home, and wash up thoroughly after contact with surfaces around the house regularly.

An RSV emergency can be incredibly nerve-wracking when you first encounter the symptoms, so knowing how to read the situation correctly is important. Seeking immediate care at an ER near me after recognizing the signs of an RSV infection can be the difference between life and death. During a true medical emergency, there is no time to waste. Delays can be costly, and the clock may be ticking. Remember that seeing the symptoms firsthand makes you the best decision-maker regarding a medical emergency and whether or not it requires urgent treatment. Refrain from questioning yourself; contact doctors immediately if something feels wrong.

RSV can be difficult to diagnose on your own, so it’s essential to seek a doctor or a professional opinion. Early action can be the key to managing the illness. Doctors can offer different medications and nebulizer treatments to mitigate the damage RSV can cause to a patient’s respiratory system. Several modern medicines and newer steroids are available to halt and immediately reverse the damage RSV can cause to the lungs and breathing passageways. Seeing a doctor quickly is crucial if you suspect RSV in yourself or your children.

Ascent Emergency Room is a 24-hour emergency room in Houston, TX, that specializes in recognizing and treating the symptoms of RSV in adults and managing RSV treatment in infants and children. If you are looking for immediate care, visit our ER near you. Walk-ins and new patients are welcome at any time.

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