If you or a loved one is having a psychiatric emergency in Houston, TX, then we encourage you to come to our local emergency medical center for help. Psychiatric emergencies can be life-threatening and deserve the same level of emergency care as physical ailments. Ascent Emergency Medical Center is available for providing care regarding psychiatric emergencies.

What is a Psychiatric Emergency

Unlike physical ailments, psychiatric conditions are less easily identifiable. Most psychiatric emergencies involve self-harm or suicidal thoughts, but there are other kinds of psychiatric emergencies as well. Patients suffering from delusions or a psychotic episode can experience fear and confusion that is harmful to themselves and others.

Both children and adults can have a psychiatric emergency, and we treat both at our Houston, Texas ER. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the USA, and Ascent Emergency Medical Center is dedicated to reducing those statistics by providing you with emergency psychiatric care when you need it.

Substance abuse is another kind of issue that we treat at Ascent Emergency Medical Center. Alcoholism and drug addiction are a serious medical condition which requires specialized care. We provide drug and alcohol therapy and treatment, including detox. Detoxing can require the oversight of a medical professional, which is why we encourage you to use Ascent Emergency Medical Center as a resource for when you need help with a substance abuse problem.

When to Come to the ER for a Psychiatric Problem

If you or a loved one is suffering from suicidal or homicidal thoughts, we encourage you to get professional help as soon as possible. Some psychiatric problems can worsen if left untreated.

  • Risk of self-harm, writing a suicide note, taking steps towards committing suicide, cutting, and other self-harm.
  • Risk of harm to others. Making violent threats, destroying property, animal abuse, threatening to kill one or more people.
  • Losing touch with reality, experiencing hallucinations, experiencing extreme paranoia, strange and confusing behaviors which indicate thinking problems.
  • Drug abuse, overdose, heaving drinking, and other substance abuse that requires detox and treatment.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can be very disruptive to a normal lifestyle. Treatments for anxiety and depression include therapy, prescription drugs, counseling, meditation and exercise. Many experts typically recommend a combination of at least 2-3 of these modalities. Experiencing some anxiety or depression when facing hard decisions or life changes is normal, but when anxiety or depression prevents a normal life, it becomes a disorder. Emergent or life-threatening anxiety and depression can be treated at Ascent Emergency Medical Center.

 How Ascent Emergency Medical Center Can Help 

If a patient has physically harmed themselves through taking pills, cutting, or a suicide attempt, then our first priority is to make sure that they are safe and are receiving proper medical care. After we ensure the physical safety of the individual having a psychiatric emergency, we will work with the patient and their loved ones to create a treatment plan.


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