Pregnancy Emergency in Houston

Do you have a baby on the way? Congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting yet challenging period of a woman’s life. We recommend finding an excellent pregnancy care provider to guide you through this life-changing journey. Besides your routine care provider, it’s important to have the information of a trusted pregnancy emergency room to help you navigate unforeseen crises.

Ascent ER is a 24 hours pregnancy emergency room that conducts ultrasound for pregnant women experiencing pregnancy emergencies. Ultrasound for pregnancy near you is crucial for determining and ruling out any complications that may affect the mom and baby’s health. Ultrasounds during pregnancy are safe and give clues into health matters that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

Ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies is crucial for monitoring the health of the baby.

When to Seek Emergency Treatment During Pregnancy

You must seek immediate care if you experience symptoms that deviate from the norm. For instance, light bleeding during pregnancy is considered relatively common and normal. However, significant bleeding while pregnant indicates a bigger problem.

Early pregnancy bleeding occurs as the fertilized egg undergoes implantation. The changes occurring in your uterus and cervix can result in spotting during pregnancy. Implantation spotting resolves within a couple of days. Bleeding stopping and starting early pregnancy should be reported to your doctor.

Heavy and persistent bleeding during pregnancy may point to a miscarriage. Would you like to know how to stop bleeding during pregnancy? Contact Ascent ER in Houston, TX, for personalized assistance.

If you’ve gotten in a car accident while pregnant, we recommend contacting our 24-hour pregnancy emergency room in Houston, TX. Pregnancy injuries from a car accident can be life-threatening to your unborn baby.

What to Expect

If you’re pregnant and visiting Ascent ER after a car accident, we’ll keep an eye out for signs of miscarriage after a car accident. These include vaginal bleeding, cramping, changes in the unborn baby’s movements, chills, abdominal pain, etc. You can lower your risk of getting involved in a car accident during pregnancy by limiting your driving, wearing your seat belt, driving safely, and avoiding busy routes.

Are you looking for an emergency room for pregnancy complications in Houston, TX? Then please call Ascent ER for a pregnancy emergency near you. We welcome you for a first-trimester ultrasound and emergency ultrasound for pregnancy near you.

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