Truck Accidents and Crashes in Houston, TX

Commercial truck accidents are some of the most dangerous that can occur. According to national statistics, there are 5,000 fatalities and 106,000 injuries from truck crashes every year in the United States. Even individuals who do not originally think they were hurt can suffer from long-term complications such as difficulty utilizing an injured limb or chronic pain and fatigue.

If you are in an accident involving a commercial truck, you need immediate care. Come see us today at Ascent Emergency Care in Houston for top-notch treatment featuring qualified staff, the latest technology, and modern medical methods.

Should I Seek Care?

Individuals in vehicular accidents often experience the effects of adrenaline immediately during and after the situation. Adrenaline is a naturally secreted hormone that is a common response to experiencing panic or fear. It allows people to temporarily ignore the pain and triggers a large burst of energy. The feeling people refer to as the “fight or flight” instinct is caused by adrenaline.

While beneficial in emergencies, adrenaline often makes people think they are uninjured. They then choose not to visit an emergency room because they assume they are alright. In many cases, they are not. We strongly recommend visiting us at Ascent Emergency Care even if you feel alright, especially if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Bruising on any part of your body
  • Blurred vision or trouble focusing
  • Pain in your head or abdomen
  • Trouble moving your fingers or toes
  • A painful joint
  • Trouble using one of your limbs

These are often the warning signs of more serious injuries such as broken bones, damaged joints, a concussion, or internal damage.

You should always seek care after a large truck accident, particularly if you were driving a smaller vehicle involved in the collision.

How to Receive Treatment

At Ascent Emergency Care, we provide comprehensive treatment for truck accidents in Houston. Because you cannot schedule a collision, we do not require you to schedule an appointment for our services. Instead, you can just walk in and explain your current situation to our staff. We will try to see you as soon as possible. Seek us out at Ascent Emergency Care today.

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