Workplace accidents or falls emergency care in Hosuston, TX

Workplace accidents are one of the most frequently seen sources of injuries in the United States. The National Safety Council estimates a worker is hurt while on the job once every seven seconds. This means there are seven million injuries in the United States alone in a single year.

When you are the victim of a workplace accident or a fall, you need proper medical care to recover properly. At Ascent Emergency Care, we offer high-quality care for workplace accidents or falls for patients in Houston.

What Is a Workplace Accident?

A workplace accident is an unintentional injury that occurs while you are completing tasks for your employer. If you slip on a wet floor while working a retail job because the area was not properly marked, that is a workplace accident.

This type of injury can often be sorted into the following categories:

  • Overexertion
  • Falling
  • Being hit by a falling object
  • Slipping
  • Tripping
  • Repetitive motion injuries

It is important to receive immediate care for these types of injuries after an accident occurs, not much later.

Signs You Should Go to an Emergency Room

Although your employer might try to talk you out of visiting a doctor that is not affiliated with the workplace, it is necessary to get a professional opinion and treatment for your injuries. Some of the most common signs of a serious injury include:

  • A persistent headache or numbness in the limbs
  • Bruises
  • Bleeding
  • Pain or swelling at the site of an injury
  • Stiffness moving your limbs
  • Pain in the back, shoulder blade, or rib cage

These are the most basic signs of an injury. There are a couple of frequent injuries, including sprained joints, broken bones, concussions, spinal damage, strained muscles, and fractures.

How to Receive Workplace Accident Care

As an emergency room in Houston, our specialists at Ascent Emergency Care are trained to help you overcome a broad range of injuries. You do not need to call us to make an appointment but can instead drive to our office. We offer comprehensive care and treatment using advanced equipment and technology.

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