Saliva-Based COVID-19 Testing in Houston, TX

Ascent Emergency Medical Center is happy to offer saliva-based COVID-19 testing in Houston, TX, to individuals looking to get tested for COVID-19 quickly and conveniently. As most of the world, including the United States, continues to ease lockdown restrictions, staying safe and aware of your COVID-19 status remains paramount.

It is necessary to get tested for COVID-19 if you have recently been in close contact with an infected person or have participated in events or situations where you couldn’t socially distance as required. With many airlines requiring pre-flight testing, taking your COVID-19 test well in advance can also help to minimize frustrations during your travels.

If you’ve been experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms, it would be best to get checked for COVID-19 to be sure.

Our saliva-based COVID-19 testing is safe, non-invasive, and hassle-free. We offer same-day results, which minimizes inconveniences and allows you to promptly get started on treatment if you test positive.

If you’d like to get tested for COVID-19 in Houston, TX, contact Ascent Emergency Medical Center right away to schedule your test.

What to Expect

During your testing procedure, we will ask you to spit into a collection tube. You need to rinse your mouth and refrain from smoking, chewing, eating, and drinking for at least 30 minutes before the saliva collection exercise. Failure to do so can contaminate the saliva sample, resulting in inaccuracies.

Once you’ve submitted your saliva sample, you’ll be free to go home. Our dedicated medical team will give you a call once your results are ready, typically after a few hours.

Advantages of Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test

Saliva-based COVID-19 tests are a welcome alternative to nasal swabs in many ways, including:

  • They’re non-invasive
  • They’re kid and toddler friendly
  • They offer same-day results
  • An excellent option for people who are cannot stand the discomfort of the nasal swab

If you’re already experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, such as high fever, coughing, and fatigue, please call Ascent Emergency Medical Center in advance, and we’ll advise you accordingly.

Are you planning to return to the workplace or spend some time with loved ones? Getting tested for COVID-19 is a crucial safeguard both for you and those who surround you. If you’re looking for a patient-oriented medical center that offers safe and painless saliva-based COVID-19 testing near you, get in touch with Ascent Emergency Medical Center today.

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