Why Am I Having Random Allergies?

Why Am I Having Random Allergies?

Mar 26, 2019

Waking up in the morning with allergy symptoms is enough to make you run to an Ascent ER urgent care near me for emergency service in Houston, TX. However, it’s been documented that sometimes, things in life can cause random allergies to develop or flare up. The reasoning for this is interesting, and I learned a lot after my first random allergic reaction.


Stress can affect the body in ways you never thought possible. Stress is the reaction your body has to fearful or urgent situations, which can be healthy for the body. However, when stress is chronic, it can cause a rise in cortisol that triggers the release of histamines. Histamines help fight off bacteria and intruders in the body. When this happens, the skin can become red, and other signs of an allergic reaction may occur.


Surprisingly, being dehydrated can also cause the body to produce histamines. It can cause the production of histamines that elicit reactions similar to those of seasonal allergies. Water is important in being hydrated – electrolytes must also be balanced.

Autoimmune Disease

A lot of autoimmune diseases are linked to allergies randomly occurring. Taking immune suppressants can cause the immune system to react to triggers that were never an issue in the past. Oral allergies are common for individuals with Crohn’s disease and other conditions because the immune system and the stomach are closely tied. If it irritates the stomach, it can also irritate the immune system.

Protein Pump Inhibitors

When you are dealing with chronic conditions, such as GERD, you may be given protein pump inhibitors. These medications can lead to the production of histamines that cause allergic reactions in the body. Inhibitors can cause histamine intolerance to develop, leaving the face flushed and the tongue itchy.

If you find that random allergies have developed and your symptoms are worsening or becoming more frequent, get emergency services in Houston to speak with a medical professional about your allergies and what could be causing them to develop seemingly overnight.

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