What does the ER do for Alcohol Poisoning?

What does the ER do for Alcohol Poisoning?

May 01, 2023

The mere thought of consuming a single serving of alcohol can be daunting. Yet, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals to succumb to alcohol poisoning, which is all too real and potentially life-threatening. Alcohol poisoning is an insidious condition characterized by vomiting, excessive sweating, and staggering before finally succumbing to total unconsciousness. If left untreated, it can be life-threatening.

If you suspect someone has consumed too much alcohol, visit an emergency room near you. An experienced physician can administer countermeasures to alleviate symptoms promptly to minimize the potential severity of alcohol poisoning.

An important aspect of pre-hospital care for alcohol poisoning is ensuring safety and security, preventing further consumption, and minimizing side effects such as vomiting, nausea, or blackouts.

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning is a serious medical condition that can lead to choking, brain damage, or even death.

Emergency care for alcohol poisoning is supportive and usually occurs in the ER. It is designed to help manage symptoms and keep patients safe until they can be discharged home or into rehab.

  • Symptoms

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning can vary depending on the amount of alcohol in your system, but they may include vomiting, bluish skin, seizures, and trouble breathing. This condition can be deadly if you don’t get medical help immediately.

The ER is trained in treating this type of intoxication and will administer lifesaving treatments to prevent brain damage.

The ER may also treat other conditions when someone has alcohol poisoning, such as seizures or low blood sugar.

What Are the Emergency Treatments for Alcohol Poisoning?

When someone overdoses on alcohol, their blood alcohol level (BAC) will increase quickly. They may become unconscious and have difficulty breathing or choking on their vomit, which can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

This serious medical emergency requires immediate attention from an experienced medical professional. Visit a freestanding ER near you immediately if you are experiencing the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

The ER staff will treat you as soon as they arrive in the hospital, which can help to speed up recovery. They will use a breathalyzer to measure your BAC and then give them intravenous (IV) fluids to keep their body hydrated, which can also help to restore their blood sugar levels.

If you have difficulty breathing, the hospital will typically insert a tube down your throat into your lungs and attach a machine that breathes for them. This will allow them to breathe and stay alive until they can be moved to the operating room for more serious medical care.

During treatment, a doctor or nurse will administer certain medications, including narcotics, to control their symptoms and reduce the choking risk. They will also use a stomach pump to remove the alcohol from the patient’s stomach and prevent their vomit from blocking their airways.


Alcohol poisoning is an extremely serious condition that requires immediate emergency care. Delaying calling 911 or taking a person to an emergency room in Houston could lead to brain damage, heart attack or stroke, liver damage, and even death.

To prevent alcohol poisoning, drink responsibly and educate yourself about the symptoms. In addition to knowing how much to consume, you should also know how fast your body metabolizes alcohol.

Binge drinking can be an easy way to get poisoned. It can also occur when people are under the influence of other drugs or have other health problems.

During an ED visit, doctors may use a breath analyzer to check the blood alcohol level. This convenient and rapid test allows physicians to determine whether a patient’s level is rising or falling quickly. This helps determine the best course of treatment.

Take Action

Alcohol is a depressant, so drinking too much can cause problems with breathing and heart rate. This can lead to life-threatening symptoms like unconsciousness or death if the person doesn’t seek medical care.

Ingesting too much alcohol causes the body to become overloaded with toxins, leading to alcohol poisoning. Your liver normally breaks down and flushes out these toxins, but if you drink too much, your liver can’t handle the excess.

If you are experiencing alcohol poisoning or suspect someone is, visit Ascent ER for treatment.

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