Long Waits/Waiting In Hospital ERs And How Free Standing ERs Have The Shortest Wait Times

Long Waits/Waiting In Hospital ERs And How Free Standing ERs Have The Shortest Wait Times

Apr 23, 2020

The thing with emergency rooms or ER and other features of the hospital is that in the case of ER time is of essence. It is important that the patient not only accesses the necessary medical care by the medical care is provided on time to save life. A visit to the emergency clinic means that time must be saved to save life because most of the patients visiting these rooms are in critical condition.

Various approaches have been adopted in an attempt to enable the faster medical service delivery possible. These approaches have been adopted with the aim of addressing the issue of long waits to ensure that necessary health interventions are offered within the shortest time possible. Freestanding emergency rooms have offered some advantages over hospital emergency room in the emergency clinics. Here are some of the reasons why freestanding emergency rooms are more advantageous than hospital emergency rooms

Have all the benefits of a hospital emergency room but with time saved

Both rooms offer high-quality medical cares with the right technology and equipment to address various emergency aspects. In addition, both rooms work 24 hours a day and have a medical expert at all this time ready to offer the necessary medical assistance to stabilize a condition. However, the freestanding rooms are not subjected to the hospital processes and they are dedicated to emergencies. This makes the time for access of Medicare minimal compared to what you would expect in the hospital.

Easy access to the emergency rooms that are free standing

Unlike hospitals, the space that you need to set up the free standing rooms is minimal. You can have an emergency room located within a shopping center, close to a movie theatre, next to a stadium and even within the sight of a construction site. By their location, they are easy to access and therefore save the valuable time of moving to the location where they are like is the case of hospital rooms. Emergency rooms in the hospital are strictly located within the hospital premise. This means that to access it, you have to move to the hospital hoping that challenges such as traffic do not affect your movement and subsequently access to emergency time.

Seamless operations that are skewed to be time saving

Most if not all freestanding rooms for emergency are operationally designed for quick response and minimal waiting time. They are 24 hour emergency rooms with emergency physicians waiting and all the other medical specialists anticipating emergency medical care. This means that all operations are seamlessly aligned to swift operations including support services such as payments and tests. The caregivers unlike in hospitals are dedicated to a small number of patients and are able to dedicate all their time to the redress of the issues affecting the few patients and assist in their recovery. This alignment to operations makes the process fast thus minimizing the wait time between emergency cases.

All cases are treated as emergencies

In hospitals, patients are often observed and categorized to have qualified as emergency cases or not before attended to as emergencies. Although there are some obvious emergency cases, medical specialists are obliged to attend to the most critical before moving on to the next issue after stabilizing the critical. However, in freestanding facilities, all cases are presumed emergencies and access emerge physicians until proven otherwise. They are dedicated emergency clinics that focus on time and work towards ensuring no waiting time for anyone with all doctors hospital freestanding ER always on alert. With this approach, unnecessary waiting is eliminated.

Emergencies are emergencies and should enjoy the full attention and expedited care until they are stabilized. Ascent Emergency Room understands this and like a facility that is dedicated to emergency care, it ensures that no waiting period can be avoided. You get immediate care from professionals who understand emergency care with the right equipment in the latest technology. When the difference between recovery or otherwise is time, we understand your situation and stands to expeditiously restore a stable health though quality healthcare and dedicated attention to the emergency.

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