How to Control Your Stroke Risk

How to Control Your Stroke Risk

Aug 01, 2019

Few feelings are more helpless than arriving at an emergency room in 77030 with the signs and symptoms of a stroke. The reality is having a stroke is something that is very scary because it can change the course of your life. Arriving at the emergency room in Houston means that it is too late to prevent the stroke. That’s why people need to understand how to control the risk of stroke before the stroke happens and they end up at the 24-hr emergency room in Houston. Understanding the risk factors in strokes is something that could very well save your life.

What is a Stroke?

The basic definition of a stroke is an event where the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. When the brain cannot get oxygen-rich blood to the different cells, this causes a crisis in the brain. Depending on where the interruption in the flow of blood is, there could be a variety of different events that occur. Some strokes are deadly, while others are very mild. There are two types of strokes:

  • Ischemic Stroke: This is the most common type of stroke; the blood flow to the brain has been interrupted by a clot, meaning the brain only gets a slight supply of blood or no blood. Roughly 85% of strokes fall under this particular diagnosis.
  • Intracerebral Hemorrhage: This is a very serious type of stroke where a blood vessel ruptures and sends blood throughout the brain. The remaining 15% of strokes fall under this designation.

Risk Factors for Strokes

There are several risk factors that, if present, increase your probability of having a stroke. If any of these fit the bill with your lifestyle, make the necessary changes so that you can be sure a stroke is something that is not knocking at your door. Here are the risk factors:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Smoking and Drinking
  • Drug Abuse
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Irregular Heartbeat Issues

The bottom line is many of these issues are fixed by lifestyle changes. Living a healthy life means that your brain will have less chance of being a victim of a stroke.

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