All You Need to Know About Ascent Emergency Room’s Pediatric Care Service

All You Need to Know About Ascent Emergency Room’s Pediatric Care Service

Feb 01, 2022

Any time your little one becomes sick or injured, it can be very scary. Panic can easily set in, and you will not even know what you need to do. Should you take them to the doctor? Or do they need to go to the kids’ emergency room near you or an urgent care facility?

At times the answer could be straightforward. For instance, your child is choking or unconscious; you will obviously call 911 or bring your child to our toddler ER in Houston, TX. But the

challenge comes in when they have a fever or a rash over their body, and now you have a real dilemma.

So, if you have been in such a scenario and would love to be well prepared next time, continue reading to find out more about pediatric emergency care.

When Should You Take Your Child to the ER?

Nothing cripples a parent than when a child is unwell, and you have no clue what to do to help them get better. As mentioned earlier, there is always a debate that will ensue in your mind. But don’t fret! The doubt is okay. This is because not every scenario calls for a trip to our kids’ emergency room near you. But whenever you are in doubt,never hesitate to call your pediatrician.

In many cases, parents would rush their kids to the ER only to find that it is not an emergency. Some issues can be resolved even with home-based care or a visit to your regular doctor.

Another challenging issue is that most parents lack first-aid training and rely on the emergency department even in less severe conditions. That’s why you need to know when to take your kid to the ER.

Here’s when you should bring your child to the ER:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Suddenly cannot wake up
    • High fever with headache
    • Broken bone pushing against the skin
    • Severe burns
    • Body part close to the injured part that is weak, cold, tingling or numb
    • Coughing or throwing up blood
    • Vomiting followed by severe dehydration (dry mouth, no tears, no urination in more than eight

hours or being out of it

  • Severe allergic reaction (oral swelling, shortness of breath, altered mental status and persistent vomiting)
  • Sudden loss of speech, sight or movement
  • Heavy bleeding


Common Child Emergencies Treated In Our ER

Being a parent is a heavy responsibility, and at times you can be in over your head, especially when there is a medical emergency. However, we have an excellent toddler ER in Houston, TX, that can help restore your kid’s health.

In any case, some of the prevalent pediatric medical emergencies:

  • Respiratory Issues – These are common issues involving several symptoms, including difficulty breathing. Asthma, choking, and other infections such as pneumonia are common causes of respiratory distress in children.
  • Sprains and fractures – Active kids will tend to break their bones and will require emergency care. Broken bones might not be life-threatening but should still be considered an emergency. However, when the bone is protruding from the skin, the pain is severe, and the child is experiencing an altered state of consciousness, you need to call 911.
  • Cuts and bleeding – These are also inevitable emergencies. Your child can fall or get cut, and they can easily bleed. If you cannot deal with the issue by applying first-aid or needing stitches, you can bring them to the ER.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea are severe issues, and kids get dehydrated very quickly because they are losing fluids and electrolytes. Ensure that your little one takes a lot of fluids to replenish the lost fluids. If they experience severe cramping or continue throwing up, you will need to rush them to our ER.
  • Concussions
  • Stomach pain
  • Seizures
  • Diabetes
  • Animal and insect bites

Urgent Care vs the ER

We have tackled when you need to take your kid to the ER. But now you need to know where to take them to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER. The best way to know whether you should take your child to an urgent care facility instead of the ER is if your child can talk, walk, play and interact. Most probably, the issue is not an emergency.

Also, you can go to an urgent care facility when you cannot see your pediatrician within a day or so.

Contact us at Ascent Emergency Room if you need emergency care.

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