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What You Need to Know About Observation Programs in Houston, TX

When someone goes to a hospital emergency room, it’s becoming increasingly common for the emergency room to place the patient in what is called an observation program to determine whether or not they should be admitted into the hospital.

At Ascent Emergency Center in Houston, if you can be sent home after treatment (or a few stitches) with a prescription, chances are that you’ll be released without entering into the observation program in 77030. If your condition is more severe (for example: heart attacks or serious trauma wounds) you may be immediately admitted to a hospital for emergency medical care. Another option is for you to be placed in our observation program in Houston, TX for a short period of time until a diagnosis can be determined, and a treatment can be completed.

Observation Programs in 77030 Are Considered Out-Patient Status

From an insurance perspective, when you are in a hospital observation program, you’re considered to be in outpatient care which has a separate reimbursement status.

Understanding the Increasing Need for Observation Programs

With our population growth and the increasing number of uninsured people in the country, hospital emergency rooms are becoming overburdened. This means there are more patients walking through the hospital emergency rooms than the number of staff available within those emergency rooms to help the patients. So, what’s the solution? The creation of observation programs in Houston, TX.

Observation Status May Sound More Appealing than Admission Status

At Ascent Emergency Medical Center, we understand that the term ‘observation status” sounds more appealing to most people than the alternative of being fully admitted for hospital care in Houston. However, it’s important to remember that an observation stay is often less expensive than a full hospital admission.

At Ascent Emergency Medical Center, the Bottom Line Will Always Be Your Health

Although there is a potential added cost to your insurance company if you are placed in the observation program, it is important to remember that your health is our highest priority. If you have symptoms that cannot be fully diagnosed without additional observation, it is still far preferred that you remain under medical observation than being released without a full diagnosis or treatment plan. At Ascent Emergency Medical Center, we take the health of everyone in Houston seriously, and we are committed to providing the best care possible.

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