What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Injury, And How Can ER Help?

What Is The Most Common Motorcycle Injury, And How Can ER Help?

Jul 27, 2023

Motorcycle accidents present a serious risk of injury; it’s imperative to seek motorcycle injury emergency care if you are hurt. While you might be wearing protective gear like a helmet, you will likely sustain serious injuries when the body hits the ground, knocks on another object, or moves across the ground.

Apart from the head, the knees, limbs, neck, and spinal cord can suffer serious injuries. It’s paramount to know when to visit an ER near you for motorcycle accident emergency care.

The Common Motorcycle Injuries

  • Fractures or Broken Bones – A motorcycle rider can suffer a broken or fractured arm, leg, ribs, elbow, and other bones.
  • Head or Brain Injury – When a motorcyclist is ejected from the bike and hits an object or the ground on their face or head, they can suffer head trauma, skull fracture, and traumatic brain injury. Other injuries likely to arise include concussion, bleeding of the brain, and seizures.
  • Lacerations – You may have arms, face, or torso lacerations. You would want to get to the nearest ER to get stitches, and if hospitalization is needed, you are referred for further treatment.
  • Abrasions and Road Rash – You could suffer road rash if your skin gets scraped off when thrown across the surface. It is a serious form of friction burn or abrasion. Seek motorcycle road rash treatment immediately.
  • Burns – A burn can be extremely painful and require immediate attention.
  • Internal Bleeding and Organ Damage – Some injuries aren’t visible and occur internally and thus need urgent treatment.
  • Back and Neck Injuries – Injuries in the spinal cord are devastating because they are linked to nerve damage, respiratory problems, paralysis, and incontinence.

Why Seek Emergency Room Immediately After Bike Accident

You could suffer intense bleeding, resulting in further complications. Wounds from burns or abrasions can risk infection. Internal bleeding and brain injuries can be vital. Symptoms such as nausea, headache, dilated pupil, vomiting, or seizure could indicate head trauma and require urgent motorcycle accident treatment. You shouldn’t ignore even the seemingly minor injuries involving the back; they could cause chronic pain after that.

Tips To Manage Motorcycle Injury

If injuries involve cuts or abrasions, clean the area with alcohol-free wipes and cover it using sterile gauze. Get to a walk-in ER if there is a danger of infection. If you’re bleeding heavily, apply pressure to the wound to suppress bleeding. Raising the injured area above the heart level can also help. If a fracture or break occurs on the arm or leg, try immobilizing the body part before seeking motorcycle accident treatment in Houston.

How Ascent ER Can Help with Bike Injuries

At Ascent Emergency Room, professional doctors are ready to treat you and stabilize the condition before further treatment. Our 24-hour emergency room in Houston is available to handle your emergencies. We are a no-wait ER, so you expect your condition to be treated fast. Visit us today!

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