The Best Flu Treatment for Children and Adults

The Best Flu Treatment for Children and Adults

Dec 01, 2019

The flu is a common illness around the world, but one that can be more dangerous than people realize. The term ‘flu’ is short for influenza, the proper name for an infectious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. It can be transmitted by coming into close contact with affected individuals and often targets the nose, throat, and lungs. While the best preventive treatment is receiving the flu vaccine each year, this isn’t always possible for many children and adults in the United States.

When someone develops the flu, there is often confusion about the best possible treatment for children and adults. If you are seeking flu treatment near you in the 77030 area, consider visiting Ascent Emergency Room. The knowledgeable staff can determine the severity of the illness and create a plan to help you and your loved ones get well.

The best treatment often involves care at home. If you or a loved one is sick, regardless of age, follow these guidelines.


The first step to getting well is to limit your interaction with other people. A common problem with the flu is that people try to fight through the illness and continue to go to work and school. This not only transmits the virus to other people, but can worsen your symptoms through strain. Instead of fighting through a fever to finish the budget for work or your homework, take time off and get plenty of bed rest. Drink clear fluids and sleep as much as possible so your body has the energy it needs to heal.

Over the Counter Medication

People with the flu are often miserable because they are trying to cope with a plethora of symptoms like fever, nausea, congestion, sore throat, and sneezing. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to take over the counter medications like decongestants, fever reducers, and pain relievers. These will make the symptoms more manageable so you get the bed rest you need.

Saline spray is a great way to handle congestion without irritating your nasal passages with decongestant sprays. Cough drops can treat persistent coughs and airway irritation while also handling sore throats as well. Use medication designed for kids if your child is sick, and always pay attention to the dosing listed on the package.

As a note, influenza is a virus and cannot be treated with antibiotics. Many people believe antibiotics will improve how they feel, but antibiotics are intended to treat bacterial infections, not viral illness. There is no specific medication meant to treat the flu virus besides the preventive vaccine.

Treat the Symptoms

Similar to taking over the counter medication, remember to actually treat your symptoms. High fevers over 101 degrees in adults and 99 degrees in young children can be dangerous. Take fever reducers, get rest, and see a doctor if you continue to experience high fever.

Likewise, manage congestion and coughing as best as possible to improve your comfort and also reduce the chances of spreading the virus to other people in the household. This makes it easier for you to rest so you recover faster and can overcome the virus.

Wash Affected Surfaces

If a child or adult in your home has the flu, it’s important to clean the materials they come into contact with on a regular basis to reduce the chances of the virus transmitting to someone else in the household. This means disinfecting common objects like doorknobs, counters, and appliances. Remember to clean sheets, blankets, other forms of bedding, and clothes on a regular basis as well, and keep objects like personal toothbrushes and dishes away from other people.


If you are worried about the severity of your illness, do not be afraid to visit an ER for flu treatment. Influenza often ranges from moderate to severe and often requires professional treatment to manage the symptoms of fever, nausea, and discomfort. A location like Ascent Emergency Room can offer cold and flu treatment in Houston to patients of all ages, including children.

Remember to take care of yourself, and don’t be afraid to miss work or school. The flu should not be trifled with and is highly contagious. Put your health first.

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