Ten Things That Every Parent Needs to Know About RSV Illness

Ten Things That Every Parent Needs to Know About RSV Illness

Apr 04, 2022

Infections of the lungs and respiratory passages are caused by the respiratory syncytial virus in adults and infants. RSV symptoms might indicate a common cold giving the affected a stuffy nose, sore throat, mild headache, fever, and a feeling of illness. However, RSV infections can assume severe proportions in premature babies and children with diseases affecting the lungs, heart, or immune system.

Not everyone may have sufficient information about RSV illnesses and their effects on young children. This article reviews ten essential points parents need to know about this specific illness. Please continue reading to realize how to safeguard your baby from this problem.

1. RSV Significantly causes respiratory Illnesses in Babies

RSV in infants and young children appears like a common cold. However, for premature babies and infants with chronic conditions and low immune systems, infection with RSV can cause severe problems. For example, some children at high risk can develop bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the lung’s airways, or pneumonia, a life-threatening condition.

2.RSV Spreads Easily

RSV is highly contagious, spreading through droplets containing the virus when you sneeze or cough. The virus can remain a few hours on surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, toys, et cetera, and on your hands. Therefore it spreads quickly when you touch something contaminated.

3.RSV Infections Occur in Winter

While some RSV infections last for a week, some can extend beyond several weeks. RSV spreads easily through schools and childcare centers. Babies are most often victims of RSV because they get it from all the children infected by the virus in school and pass it to them at home. Most children are affected by RSV before they are two years old.

4.Parents And Adults Can Also Affect Young Children with RSV

RSV in adults displays similar symptoms resembling the common cold and its intricacies. Therefore parents or other adults may not realize they are affected by the infection and spread it to children because of its contagious nature. High-risk children are most susceptible through close contact with adults affected by RSV.

5.Preventive Measures against RSV Infections

Adopting the following measures will help you to prevent the spread of RSV infections to your baby. Asking people to wash their hands before touching the baby and avoiding kissing them on their mouths if they have cold symptoms. Keeping your baby away from crowds and cleaning the baby’s environment also helps. High-risk babies and young children should limit their stay in daycare, especially when RSV is most prevalent in late fall to early spring. If possible, keep your baby away from other siblings with symptoms of a cold. Avoid smoky environments as best possible.

6.Get Your Baby Immunized against Severe RSV-Related Infections

Immunizations against severe RSV -related infections are available at most immunization centers, including the Houston emergency room. The injections are helpful for children below two years, meeting specific criteria. Unfortunately, the protection is short-lived and requires repeat injections every month throughout the winter period.

7.Antibiotics Are Ineffective against the Virus

RSV infections are generally mild and don’t require RSV treatment from doctors. As the infection is caused by a virus, antibiotics are ineffective against it. Sometimes children may receive medications to help open their airways and improve breathing. However, RSV infections in infants can assume severe proportions and may require hospitalization to monitor the baby closely. Your baby may need more fluids and treatment for breathing problems available from the emergency room near me.

8.Distinguishing RSV Infections from a Common Cold Isn’t Necessary for Healthy Children

Most healthy children can battle an RSV infection. However, if your child has other health problems, a doctor might want to diagnose your condition. RSV infections are identified in nasal secretions collected with a cotton swab or other instruments.

9.At home-care Is Sufficient against RSV

You can use straightforward at-home remedies to remove sticky nasal fluids with tools designed for the purpose and saline drops. A cold mist vaporizer keeps the air moist to make breathing easier. Providing small amounts of fluid frequently throughout the day and giving fever relievers also help. Babies needing hospitalization with severe cases may require oxygen, IV fluids, and medication to open the airways.

10.The Good News Is That RSV Infections Are Preventable

You can adopt different techniques to prevent your baby from developing RSV infections. Firstly keep babies below six months away from people with cold symptoms besides washing your hands and that of the baby frequently. Clean and disinfect hard surfaces in your home and the baby’s environment.

Breastfeeding the baby is helpful to protect against RSV infections. In breast milk, antibodies and other immune factors that help prevent and battle illnesses are present.

Last but not least, ensure your child receives the recommended vaccinations. While immunizations are not a safeguard from getting a cold, they will undoubtedly protect your child from the complications of a cold. Finally, avoid smoking around a child, whether at home in a car. Tobacco smoke exposure can increase the risk of RSV infections.

If you or your baby requires treatment for RSV infections, Ascent Emergency Room can provide the treatment you need.

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